11/10/10 LR Meeting

The Twin Cities Lightroom User Group will meet this Wednesday, November 10th, 2010, from 7-9PM at Easel Solutions in Saint Paul.

Directions to the Easel: http://www.easeltraining.com/site/locations.html

Rikk Flohr will present:

• Demo of the new Lens Downloader

• Split Tone/Hand Color via the Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter

Steve Bye will present:

• Using third-party Lightroom plugins to create great websites

• Troubleshooting catalog problems, finding missing images, and backup strategies

Q & A session and great give-aways will follow. (Must be present to win.)

Also, Adobe is looking to do a user research study with a handful of users: Are you a heavy user of the Liquify filter feature? Know it inside and out and use it daily? We want to talk to you. Send your information to: jtranber@adobe.com by November 12th.

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