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10/13/10 PS Meeting

The Twin Cities Photoshop User Group will meet Wednesday, October 13th, 2010, from 7-9PM at MCAD (The Minneapolis College of Art and Design) – Auditorium 150

Directions to MCAD:


  • Lars Michael – IR processing
  • Stuart Block – Passport presentation (Lightroom and Photoshop)
  • Andrew Heimbuch – Shortcuts and Tips
  • Brent Growe – CS5 Refinement Tips demo
  • Christie Calin – Nostalgic photo styles and techniques
  • Paul Howlett – TBD

Q & A session and great give-aways will follow. (Must be present to win.)

2/10/10 PS meeting

Meeting was held in Auditorium 140 due to scheduling conflict with our normal 150. No problem. 40+ souls crammed into the smaller venue and enjoyed some great tutorials and tips as seen below.

  • Sonny Taylor -Hand-color photographs, plus, another related technique is to tint (eg. sepia) images, as a monotone or duotone.
  • Stuart Block – Various Tips -n-Tricks:
    • recap on sharpening technique – apply image 50% opacity darken to minimize white halos
    • preferences in photoshop – especially in regards to tabs and maximum compatibility
    • spring-loaded shortcuts (someone else will have to show birds-eye – my computer does not support that feature)
    • quick demonstration of jpeg vs. raw
    • making gems pop with selective sharpening & curves
  • Ken Friberg – Removing backgrounds/green screens.
  • Andrew Heimbuch – quick demo on Selective color adjustments with masking.

Location – MCAD auditorium, 7pm to 9pm.

12/09/09 PS meeting

Lars Michael – Unsharp Overlay technique for compensating global contrast
Rick Spaulding – Holiday Shopping guide for photogeeks
Cory Shubert – Reverse Restoration
Jeanne Rubbo – Photoshop Tips from the NAPP helpdesk

Location – MCAD auditorium, 7pm to 9pm.